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New Dedicated Song
For You Here !!!

GtSbTsMNUmBrénbT. ".RseN¼dIExµr. "

sUmepJIrCUncMeBa¼.mitþGñktamdan sSankarN_RsukExµr nig CnrYmCati km¹úCaTaMgGs´ pgEdr> sUmrUmKñaeFIVkar edIm,IrMeda¼xøÜnecjBIeQµa¼ faRbeTsRkIRk>
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2005-03-24 09:26:50

sUmepJIrCUncMeBa¼.bgbGUnRbCaBlrdenAPUmidUg nig tambeNtayRBMEdnExmr kdYcCabgbGUnEdlFlabrgeRKaedaysRgKamenAkmBuCaTaMgGs
  ExmrniwgminslabeLIy ExmrnwgrseLIgvijebIExmsamaKIKna
 Don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t loss your hope! Colorize your hope! One day we will revive our pride!
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2005-03-27 15:23:01

sUmepJIrCUncMeBa¼. This song is dedicated to all Cambodian people, especially who\\\\\\\'s living abroad.
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2005-04-01 19:30:20

.m©as´sMNUmBr.£.CPP Party
sUmepJIrCUncMeBa¼. FUNCINPEC Party and Sam  Rainsy Party
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2005-04-14 23:55:42

sUmepJIrCUncMeBa¼. To Poor Cambodians. We\\\\\\\'ll keep helping u. We\\\\\\\'ll reduce physical donations, which are a temporary fix, but increase self-help donations for a permanent fix.   
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2005-04-15 19:53:02

sUmepJIrCUncMeBa¼.LU suCata -visal-CUlIm-sila-Nak-kaENl-eGglag- siun-PRk&-nig nakTaMgGs    enAevotNam
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2005-05-24 01:57:59

sUmepJIrCUncMeBa¼ rMcg´
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2005-05-24 18:47:06

.m©as´sMNUmBr.£.Khmers Nov Phoum Doung
We would like to dedicate this song to the Supreme Border Council and its members - our lovely King Father, Princess Norodom Vacheara, HE Chea Cheth, HE Say Chhum, HE You Hockry, HE Samrainsy, and above all HE Sok An. 
Beu mean bot \\\\\\
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2005-05-26 13:52:58

.m©as´sMNUmBr.£.Ekv sMNag
  all students are studying in vietnam
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2005-05-27 02:07:08

sUmepJIrCUncMeBa¼    Ga   mab
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2005-05-27 22:06:27

sUmepJIrCUncMeBa¼.bgbðÚnnisßitkm<úCaTaMgGs´EdlkMBugeronenAbreTs> sUmExµrTaMgGs´rYbrYmKñaeLIg edIm,Iksagkm<úCasm&yfµI[rIkcMerInrugerOg> sUmcgcaMnUvsc©PaBmYyfa  ¨kalBIGtItkal ExµrFøab´CaGaNacRkmYy d_l,Il,aj!¨ >.
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2005-05-28 19:11:45

.m©as´sMNUmBr.£.samnang keo
sUmepJIrCUncMeBa¼.bUern 214
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2005-06-03 03:02:50

sUmepJICUncMeBa¼.CnCatiExrTaMgGsEdlrtecalRsukedIm,IRbeyaCn_ CaBiesssUmepJIEdleroncbehIyminRBmeTACYyCati  ehIytaMgERskfa RslajCati              sUmGrKuN
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2005-06-14 11:45:25

 all khmer &khmer students living and studying in LAO,THAILAND, VIETNAM; especially khmer students in A3
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2005-06-14 20:54:18

.m©as´sMNUmBr.£.ExµrenA GabI
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2005-06-17 20:51:45

sUmepJIrCUncMeBa¼.nisßitExµrenACb¨un nig shrdæ>
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2005-06-17 20:54:55

.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2005-07-28 16:31:23

.m©as´sMNUmBr.£.Sophea (Odaiba, Tokyo)
sUmepJIrCUncMeBa¼. Dr. Tim Vanna, Kanha, Nara, Vongsa, Phanna, Cheata, Ti and other friends......(Hey, Kanha....Ti told me that you are now at Cambodia....how long will you stay in our beloved country and when will you go back to New Zealand?)
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2005-08-05 11:41:04

sUmepJIrCUncMeBa¼. rlakRKU ecA sUv´´aDI>
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2005-08-09 20:51:13

I would like to dedicate this song to all Cambodian scholars who are being away from home sweet home and scrifying their valuable time for academic purpose in Japan. Especially to all JDS fellows who are studying in Japan, to those who return back to Cambodia after their graduation and to my sweetie in Toyohashi.  Thanks to the webmaster  Boros Khmer SILINE. Good luck and  best wish to all. Cheers
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2005-08-17 21:17:31

sUmepJIrCUncMeBa¼. Akkara
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2005-09-16 13:49:48

sUmepJIrCUncMeBa¼.epJIrCUnnisßitExµrenARbeTsCbu¨nTaMgGs´RKan´Tuksþab´ kMsanþenAeBlsRmakBIkareronsURt  CaBiesscMeBanisßitExµrenANaKUy¨a sUmkMuKwtEtBIerOgbMEbksmaKm                                             GKuN
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2005-09-08 19:11:13

.m©as´sMNUmBr.£.suT avas -enAkmCaeRkam
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2005-10-06 21:39:20

.m©as´sMNUmBr.£.Danh Doek Trang
I would like to dedicate this song to all my  friendly fellow  Cambodian who tries to be friend with Viet  for all circumstances
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2005-10-27 15:19:51

.m©as´sMNUmBr.£.chett khmer
  All cambodian students in Japan & all cambodian peoples in the world .
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2005-11-05 19:35:55

sUmepJIrCUncMeBa¼. esn-mnI-riT
 nghe voi dc Khai, dc Manh, dc Dong
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2005-11-20 14:35:45

sUmepJIrCUncMeBa¼. Tang so phanna studing in Japan. 
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2005-12-18 01:59:04

.m©as´sMNUmBr.£. Gu g RsINa
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2005-12-26 15:20:40

sUmepJIrCUncMeBa¼ GaERbtRteLak
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2005-12-29 18:29:13

.m©as´sMNUmBr.£.BUN KIM MENG
          MY FRIENDS :   THATH  RAN 
                                        PIN VANLEE
                                        HOR PET
                                        YEN PANHA
                                        VAN THON MAKARA
                                        PEN PANHA
                                        LELE LEON 
         CAMBODIAN PEOPLE !!!!!!!
           AND MY BROTHERS
                       BUN KIM THENG
                       BUN KIM  LONG
                       BUN SOK  HORNG   

           THANK YOU    !!!!!!
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2006-01-23 00:46:48

 to all cambodian students in jp and esp to my seniors and kongrykun, khemerasan, lidachan, rithykun.    
PS.                 TO seniors                                                                                                                       DO UR BEST ON the coming EXAM. HOPE all of u SUCCESS!(^ --^)!
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2006-01-24 22:08:51

.m©as´sMNUmBr.£.Hor pet
sUmepJIrCUncMeBa¼. all the students in Moscow,in vetnam,japan.....
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2006-01-27 12:01:45

.m©as´sMNUmBr.£.vane: mara:
sUmepJIrCUncMeBa¼.     mamen           mafamilles
 cousine  cousin       ils ont restent    au  cambodge
 avec    takéo   mére   séan   
 je  taime  en   nos  !
 bonsanté     ! 
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2006-02-11 04:23:56

sUmepJIrCUncMeBa¼.    sUmeGayGSkkarEsneka$sn
  dMNaMhUbpgnigCYyEckRKabBUCBYkeK    ^^cMeBa$xSuMsUmGKuNCMnYneGay
  bgbgbSUnbSUnGSkPUmiRkakeyA¨  TukCamun^^ je   suis  contente  
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2006-03-07 21:30:08

sUmepJIrCUncMeBa¼.      bnen$edim,iGSkPUmiRs$ckTaMgGs¨TukRKan¨¨s
  mignWgBUrG&Mu  nigbgCidUnmYyTaMg^ehiynigGSkm
  nigbSUn   sUmGSkEm¨kuMKiteRcineBlKitBisuxPaBxSYnpgBikUnRsivan¨¨  ^
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2006-03-14 03:33:23

sUmepJIrCUncMeBa¼.      bgbSUnRtUvec$RsLaj¨¨KaSn
  GSkRkkERskXSan     £GSkmansMb,ay $GSkERsGsdiGSkmanelikfSipikRsarExSmRsi epiJrCUndlGSkmanelikfSiTaMgGsEdlRTt,iCatieqVirbsxSYn^
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2006-03-20 08:09:07

.m©as´sMNUmBr.£.Lornn Lim
   < KHMER >   Khmer love Khmer .
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2006-04-29 11:12:03

I\\\\\\\'d like to dedicate this song to my beloved Khmer People, both local and overseas. I urge you to be proud of being born as Khmer who previously dominated the rigion... I hope UNITY and MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING could provide us one more opportunity to stand up as an EMPIRE as we used to be... Khmer MUST love Khmer.
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2006-04-29 15:28:11

.m©as´sMNUmBr.£.doeuek samnang
sUmepJIrCUncMeBa¼ mitnisit TaMgGs EdlkMBugsiksaTaMg enA kug nig eRkARbeTs TukCakarsdabkMsan   sUmGKuN.
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2006-05-03 03:29:33

sUmepJIrCUncMeBa¼.bgbgGSkRsLaj¨Rsuk  ehtuGIV  minbeg;uil
  smaKmExSrmYyenARBuMEdl  edImbiCYyedimemil kuMeGayyYncUlykdiExSr 
  xuMeXijenARbeTsGama¨rIc  nIgRsukmYycMnYneTotk&eKeqiVdUecSH£Edl
  eGayeTAkgTq&ExSrena$eT eRBa$GITahanExSreyigminGacemilGsena$eT
  eTotpg  !laehiysUmeGaybgbgbeg;ilCy&CuMn$!
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2006-05-03 23:13:10

sUmepJICUncMeBa¼  all Cambodian leaders and people. I DO love Cambodia.
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2006-05-14 22:00:53

.m©as´sMNUmBr.£.From Kansai ! ,`D
sUmepJIrCUncMeBa¼.To all people in Cambodia as well as to students in kansai, kanto, and other areas in jp. Hope u r enjoyed ur life during busy spring course, and well prepared for summer vocation for going back home and trip=D enjoyed ur cool life in octoumn and dont be afraid of cold weather in winter ;`)   Eh! u know kansai ben? u R welcome to be taught, if coming here.....Esp to !!!! Y........OU!!!! listening the song!!!!    enjoy ne! okini!
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2006-05-19 01:17:45


.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2006-05-20 21:50:44

.m©as´sMNUmBr.£.Ur friend.
I`d like dedicate this song to all listeners and esp to Chumnit, Rattanak, Sorhang and Sokphea. Wish all of you good luck with the coming exam!!! Ganbatte Kudasai!!!!...
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2006-06-04 16:39:24

.m©as´sMNUmBr.£.Ekv nUv
sUmepJIrCUncMeBa¼.mitþP&Rkrbs´xJMúdUcCa s‘Mu b‘uneFOn savgß  em¨gEs vNaÑ exmrwT§ ra¨DI Ditda sIlavisal bgsaKuN bg evt FIta nigmitþP&RkCaeRcIneTotminbanerobrab´Gs´Tuksaþb´kMsanþ    nigelakRKUGñkRKUnigsisßrYmfañk´RKan´eBlGpßúk    nwgmitþnarImañk´EdlxJMúRslaj´ sUmlak´sin sUmGrKuN
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2006-06-15 14:24:12

.m©as´sMNUmBr.£.Sophea (ASEAN-Cambodia, MFA.IC
  I would like to send this song to Mr. HOK Sophea, who\\\\\\\'s doing Master Course at GRIPS, Tokyo, to Cheata, Ti, Tey, Vongsa, Davy, Kanha, Phanna,...in New Zealand.
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2006-12-19 19:23:53

sUmepJIrCUncMeBa¼. All khmer students in over sea, Please come backe to our home town after completed studying.
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2007-02-24 17:16:01

 Member of Cambodia\\\\\\\'s Family Trees 
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2007-06-06 21:08:11

.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2007-07-25 12:04:55

.m©as´sMNUmBr.£.sok sovann
sUmepJIrCUncMeBa¼. all in komaba please enjoy it! i miss you vanna! i hope we will meet when you return into cambodia! do not forget khmer!!!!
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2007-08-15 10:38:07

sUmepJIrCUncMeBa¼. All Khmer students in japan and Khmer kampuchea krom in Vietnam and Khmer surin in Thailand.
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2007-08-16 15:09:35

sUmepJIrCUncMeBa¼. really miss khmer so much when hear this song!!! and really feel sorry about khmerland (nokorreach and kampuchea krom) which was rapped by Thai and VN.
.éf¶ExsMNUmBr. £.2007-08-16 15:34:11

Tips for new commers in Nagoya and Toyohashi were updated

We have just updated tips for new commer for Nagoya and Toyohashi area.Please check the article in the right side : For New Student part.

Posted by csaj2007webmaster on Thursday, April 03, 2008 - 09:20 PM ( 2234 Reads)
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A Cambodian student winning prize from Japan Foreign Trace Center
Research Paper

Mr. Dyna Heng, a Cambodian student persuing his master degree in Hitotsubashi University, won prize of Excellence in essay contest from the Japan Foreign Trade Council.You can reach this information o­n JFTC's site: http://www.jftc.or.jp/english/discourse/index.html.Or you can download his essay directly HERE.CSAJ

Posted by csaj2007webmaster on Friday, December 14, 2007 - 08:05 PM ( 3062 Reads)
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Thank you letter from CSAJ representative

My dear Khmer friends and all ,

I bet you had a wonderful time at the year end gathering o­n Sunday, didn't you?

I would like to thank you all for attending the year end gathering despite your tight schedule at school, especially in the middle of this exam season.
My special thanks go to those who have wholeheartedly spent time helping us out with the preparation for the event.

CSAJ representative,
Vuthy Monyrath

Posted by csaj2007webmaster on Tuesday, December 04, 2007 - 12:46 AM ( 2418 Reads)
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Thank you letter from new Kanto representative

Dear all,

Thank you for your vote of confidence in me in running the Cambodian Students Club in Kanto. It is my pleasure to serve and lead our community.

I believe I am having a determined committee with some of the best and brightest among us. Their experience and engagement in many student organizations and social groups so far will be essential for our solidarity through academic and social activism.

In the near future, with a huge number and as a pool of skills, Cambodian graduates from Japan will play important roles in the Cambodian development. Thus, it is my vision and mission to build a huge and active network of these scholars and practitioners.  Last, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the 2007 committee for their leadership and effort to serve our community’s interest. My special thanks must go to people in Komaba who has worked very hard in preparation and arrangement during their exam period.

I am looking forward to having your support and cooperation in the coming year.

Sincerely,Heng DynaTokyoDecember 3, 2007Enclosed is a sketch of my 2008 committee : 2008 committee of CSCK

Posted by csaj2007webmaster on Monday, December 03, 2007 - 07:48 AM ( 2390 Reads)
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Anuual report
CSAJ Activity Reports Dear all,The year 2007 is going to finish.CSAJ's committee would like to summarize the activties we had done for o­ne year. Please check the reports below:1. Activity's report 2. CSAJ cencus2007 Committee,

Posted by csaj2007webmaster on Monday, November 26, 2007 - 09:25 AM ( 2728 Reads)
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This is all about what CSAJ have done
This is all about what CSAJ have done

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