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CSAJ Charity Project

CSAJ Charity Program has been organized annually since 1994. It raised money to buy study materials viz., text books, stationary, etc. for Cambodian elementary school children in remote provinces of Cambodia. In addition to this goal, current CSAJ Committee has launched three projects, “Essay Contest, Help Our Community, and Rural Primary School Fund, to implement a sustainable or long term development impact of the charity fund raise on rural poverty reduction and quality of education in Cambodia.

Help Our Community Project



Help Our Community! Project is an educational charity project organized by Cambodian Students Association in Japan(CSAJ). This youth-led action project aims to empower young people in Cambodian society to be the agents of change and enhance social capital of the young generation. Read more



Essay Contest

Essay Contest

Essay Contest or Essay Competition Project, was initiated by CSAJ committee since March 2008. The project aims to encourage young Cambodian students to think of the issues and needs of their communities, and to share their practical ideas and experiences to the public. Read more



Rural Primary School Fund Project

Essay Contest

The emerging concern in field of aid effectiveness and sustainability proposes new ways of coordinating and handing funding to people who deserve. With this regard, 2009 CSAJ funding distribution is introducing a new method in selecting and providing the funding to the rural primary schools in Cambodia. Read more