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Probably perceiving that the Cambodia's education had been in low degree, in 1992, the Japanese Government restarted to provide scholarship to Cambodian students after interruption of more than 20 years during which Cambodia had fallen into a tragic civil war and been isolated from the world.

Two students were chosen for the first time to come to pursue their studies in Japan in that year and 8 students in the following year. The number of students chosen to study in Japan has considerably increased since then.

Cambodian students come to Japan not o­nly for technologies but also for cultural exchange with Japanese and other foreign students. Therefore,those who came early agreed and successfully established the Cambodian Student Association in Japan (hereafter CSAJ ) in December 1994 in the main purposes of:

1. Promoting cultural and informative exchange with Japanese and other foreign students.


2. Setting up friendly relations between Cambodian students, Japanese and foreign students.


3. Providing useful information to all Cambodian students staying in different areas in Japan through its bulletin which is published twice a year.


4. Helping any Cambodian students who is in trouble or needs assistance.


5. Helping poor Cambodia's elementary school students with study materials.


6. Kindly provide all information

CSAJ, of course, organizes and attends various useful meetings or seminars when invited in order to archieve the above objectives. Further CSAJ raises kind fund or donations such as books, pens and other study materials from Cambodian students themselves, interested organisations, voluntary Japanese people and others.

Anually, fund is used to buy study materials and CSAJ's members,who visit home country as a group, bring such donations to directly deliver to elementary school students in rural poorest areas, who badly need assistance.