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Result of CSAJ-Kanto Presidential Election PDF Print E-mail



Congratulations to Mr. NOP Visal on being elected as the President of CSAJ-Kanto in 2017. He is officially the new president and his term will commence on 1st January 2017.

The presidential election was held on 24th December 2016. Mr. NOP Visal made a presentation of his background, visions and plan to lead CSAJ-Kanto for the benefits of students in Japan, for contributing to education sector in Cambodia through charity projects as well as for promoting Cambodian culture and society as a whole. Because he was the only one presidential candidate running for this election, the voters voted for and against his presidency. As a result, he received 100% support.

Finally, under his motto (which is a Khmer saying) “នៅផ្ទះម្តាយទីទៃ នៅព្រេម្តាយតែមួយ”, he expressed his strong commitment to work for CSAJ-Kanto and called for all the students and stakeholders to continue to support CSAJ-Kanto during his term in 2017.

Please find Mr. NOP Visal’s manifesto here.